Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Gutter Girls!

We are ladies with a love for smut! Not only that but we have a love for our many book boyfriends. Yes I know most of what I have said is obvious, so what is the purpose of this blog... we all have our own and support the Smut Society and The Slut Smut Fest... so why do this?

To discuss our book boyfriends, and discuss EXACTLY what we would like to do with them, no doubt Bearsy wil talk about her Team Quay sandwich dream! Mmmmmmmmm....

So that is our plan, discuss who we would like to do(wooo hooo), post pictures of who we see as them, and generally have our wicked way with them.... so who is with me!

Minx. xxx

Yip that is about the jist of it, the four of us are ladies with a love for books and sexy men, (raaaawr) look out for out Gutter meme and in the future gutter awards! So join us and Strut your SMUT! TheGutterGirls


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