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Hot for the Holidays is HOT HOT HOT!

Hot for the Holidays Anthology

Four bestselling authors invite readers to spend the night with these never-before-published novellas spiced with sexy romance and paranormal passion. So come in out of the cold and experience the thrill of a soul-stirring new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh, a return to the beguiling world of the Mageverse from Angela Knight, and two more mesmerizing and unexpected stories of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits from Anya Bast and Allyson James.

I LOVED this book, every girl needs a good anthology for when life throws them lemons, actually I like them for when I am busy with real life, I can pick it up read a complete story in about an hour put it down and go and dig snow, or shop or mark books, you know chores! I really enjoyed the four stories in here which is why I am going to say something about each of them. One thing which made me so excited about this book was to have so many great authors in one anthology, if only I'd had time to read it over Christmas, still the holiday theme didn't distract in any way, it actually gave a poignancy to the tales, an element we the audience can empathise with.

Angela Knight- Vampire Ball
Kat Danilo’s childhood turned tragic when her sister become the victim of a serial killer. Years later, she gets a chance at justice when she discovers she’d the daughter of Lancelot, vampire knight of the Round Table. But first, she’s got to convince a handsome vampire warrior that she’s worthy to gain the magical powers that are her birthright – powers that might help her find her sister’s killer.

If the murderer doesn’t find her first....

I was so excited to see Angela Knight had a Mageverse story in this anthology, I have always loved the books and I have missed them. Whilst the story was short it was pacy, things happening quickly which mean that you kept reading, it was definitely a page turner and made me excited to Master of Fire which is out later this year. Kat accepted what happened to her very quickly, but that was mainly down to a data transference from Grace, I guess you can't argue with the facts when you have them all. Her vampire was Ridge Champion, sexy, passionate and uncertain what to do with her! A fun read.

Allyson James- A little Night Magic

The town of Magellan is famous for its woo-woo activity. Naomi is known as an Unbeliever (one who doesn't believe in Magellan's mystical energy). But Naomi must put disbelief aside when her Navajo lover reveals that he is a Changer, a shapeshifter, and has returned to Magellan to protect her from grave danger on Christmas Eve.

I'd not really read much Allyson James before but after this I will, I liked the character of Naomi, she was strong and independent and didn't fall apart when the man in her life exited suddenly and reappeared just as suddenly, Jamison was enigmatic and earthy, not to mention hot and sexy and animalistic. They made a good pairing helped by the trickster God Coyote who spiced it up a bit with his suggestion towards the end of the book of what they all could do while they wait. Made me laugh!

Anya Bast- Sweet Enchantment

This provides a first taste of the world in which her new Dark Magick series is set.

From Chapter 1 (full extract can be read by clicking on the Anya Bast link above)

Bella had vowed to never bind her life to this man’s. Now here she was, about to do it. Worse, she’d made the decision only two seconds after learning of his predicament.

Ronan still didn’t know she’d entered his cell. He knelt before her, his arms extended to either side, wrists wrapped in heavy charmed iron chain, and his gaze fastened on the cracked cement floor of the cell. How low the great mage of the Seelie Court had sunk. The only charmed iron chain in the whole of the Seelie Rose Tower resided within the walls of Her Majesty’s Prison, and he was wrapped in every inch of it. His long dark hair hung over his face, and his biceps and muscular bare back flexed as he moved uncomfortably against his bonds.

Bella liked the fact that the mage, Ronan Achaius Quinn, was in such a subservient position to her. He wasn’t a man who was subservient to anyone unless forced by charmed iron to be so. For a moment she allowed her gaze to trace over him. She’d never seen a more beautifully made man in her life. Not before the day she’d clapped eyes on him and not afterward. The sight of him made a woman want the iron silk of his body rubbing up against hers, made carnal thoughts crowd the most prudish of female minds.

It had been a long time since I read Anya Bast and on reading this I didn't know why? I ran out and ordered the new book which links to this series (Wicked Enchantment) ok so I didn't as much run as go online to Amazon, and GRRR it is not published here until March! I think you can gather I liked the whole Seelie/Unseelie vibe, I have always been a sucker for the Fae and this looks like it is going to be a fabulous series. The characteres are well developed, particularly for a short story, as is the Fae world we are introduced to, the working of different castes and the Fae courts systems. I loved bothe Balla and Ronan, trust me, there is something wickedly good about him.

Lora Leigh- A Christmas Kiss

Extract from the opening of the story, the full extract can be read by clicking on the link

Fear rushed through her system in a surge of adrenaline as the next shot sent a bullet tearing into the stone above her head. They were getting closer. She wasn’t going to survive. She would die here, in the cold and the snow, and it would probably take a while a find her. Evidently no one was too concerned with her now that she had been released, though she was confined to Haven. It was probably a breed trying to kill her.

“Jess.” A hand clamped over her mouth as she pushed herself past the boulders and strong hands jerked her behind the rocks as another shot struck beside her shoulder.

Heated, hard and male, the large body she was suddenly cushioned against was a welcome relief, a place of security as she recognized the voice at her ear.

Hawke Esteban.

I am still fairly new to the breeds series, I have a lot of them and I am working my way through them, (too many books, not enough time) and from what I have read this is representative of the stories, Jess and Hawke and interesting, she had been imprisoned for treason and he is a tortured soul trying to stay away from her because he was trying to prove her innocence. We meet them after she has been released for 3 months and is non too happy that he is still avoiding her, he has some way to go to make things up to her; especially as he does not want to force the mating heat on her. On top of this they must find whoever is trying to kill her.

Another good short story!

I give Hot for The Holidays 4.5 pink panties out of 5, a mixture of fun, romance, humour, and sex. A damp panty read!


Sparklybearsy said...

oooooh now that makes me wanna read this book, and im not usually a fan of any anthologies.

great review babes!

Patti said...

I bought this book right before Christmas but haven't read it yet - looks like I'm moving it up in the TBR!!!

Erotic Horizon said...

I missed this book - I love Leigh stufff...

Thank for the round up...


Minx said...

You are all very welcome, if you read it, I would love to know what you think. My favourites in it was Anya Bast's story, followed by Allyson James! Not that the other 2 weren't good, lol

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