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Of Crimson and Collars- Erotic Romance Reading Challenge and Smut of the Month

I have to thank Bearsy Book Bitch for introducing me to this book and the series, she had heard about it on twitter and tweeted about it, after google helped me locate it on total-e-bound books I began to read.

Synopsis- OF CRIMSON AND COLLARS (American Satyrs Book 1)

"As a princess of the Satyr confederation, Minerva has been coddled, spoiled and revered, as well as taught and trained just how to serve her Satyr. beautiful, sexy and a prize in herself, she's anxious to meet the man that will become her lover, master, and reason for living.

Esben Chambers, a half demon, half something else orphan lives on earth with few cares or ties. His family partially unknown, he's embraced his Strigo, or time demon, heritage, though some of his powers are well out of the scope of the lords of time.

When an Imp shows up at his estate, claiming he’s the only living Satyr prince to clan Tempest, Ben realizes there might be something to figuring out just who his fathers people were, and agrees to go to New York for a Convergence Summit. He's counting on figuring out why he was left alone in the world.

What he doesn't count on is the enchanting woman he sees in a floor show, the woman that makes his blood burn to possess her."

I had not come across the authors Stella and Audra Price before this and I am very grateful I was introduced to them, they have created an erotic world of d/s which does not humiliate, a world where the innocence of the submissive is an engaging power. If you enjoy a book packed full of erotica then this is the book for you. I enjoyed it so much I went back and bought 3 more of there books from a different series.

But why?

The main characters of Ben (Esben) and Minerva are charming, Ben, orphaned and abandoned by his demon parents he is brought up by his uncle until he is banished from the demon realm. Throughout this time he always knew he was different, he knew that any woman he had sex with would become addicted to him, but he didn't know why, until an imp appeared and informed him he was part saytr. Not just any Saytr, but a Prince. Ben is HOT... scorching hot... a demon who knows what he likes and treats his pets well. By pets he means concubines, not fluffy bunnies. When is presence is requested at the Converge Summit he is gifted Minerva, daughter or the Saytr 'King' and he falls head over heels. What I like about their relationship was that for all the d/s he allowed Minerva to be herself and in things he did not know he allowed her to lead him, he was not overbearing and ruthless.

Minerva too seems different to the other Princesses and although she enjoys being collared we are given the impression she is no simpering miss, but someone who is very capapble of holding her own, she has her own opinions and outlooks, and in a world of sex her innocence is alluring.

The next book in this series is To Collar and Keep: the tale of Harlequin and Arabella, or Harley as we know him in Crimson and Collars. I am looking forward to this! Now to read the 3 books in The Knossos Series I bought, after Of Crimson and Collars I have high hopes.

I give this book a 4.5 pink panties out of 5, why not 5... I wanted it to go on longer! :o) A Damp panty read!


Sparklybearsy said...

LOVE your review Julesy! so glad you liked the book, now we have a whole new smutty world to dive into..YAY! and remember..hands off DRAKE when we get to him!!! i keels you! ;)

Ben oh i wanted his collar too HAHA. and i too wanted it to go on longer, at least until they got home to use the pool ;)

SusiSunshine said...

I so need to read this one. I was already wooed after reading Sparklybearsy review but now I must get it!
Great review hon!

confessionsofabookjunkie said...

Love your review! I haven't heard of this series or author either. Dropping by from the Erotic Romance Challenge blog :)

Minx said...

Thanks for stopping by confessionsofabookjunkie! This was a brand new author for me too, and whilst to book was short, I thoroughly enjoyed it, yes I guess some bits could use a bit further explanantion, but I am guessing that will happen in the next book. Making it a coherent series.

A fun read!

Stella Price said...


Thankie kindly for liking the book. Ben and the world of Satyr is one we had a hard time getting out (one pub said it wasn't D/S enough) but we are bolstered by hearing people like Ben and the guys as much as we liked writing them.

To answer your question, YES, everything is clarified in the series as a whole, but if we dont leave some things to wondering, who would come back and read? LOL *wink* I think you will like Harley and the other Satyrs you meet in his book... but I also think you will like the Duvall Inc Series we did (Djinn and an assassin.. and hes SO alpha its not funny). Total thanks for trying us out!


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