Friday, 8 January 2010

Passion Unleashed- The Review

Passion Unleashed: Demonica Book 3 by Larissa Ione

Forbidden Temptations…

Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter—and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she’s been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality . . . as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn’t all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she’s finally met the one man she cannot resist.

Fatal Desires…

Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe—her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions, and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes a horrible truth: he’s falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own.

Oh my! Where to begin, this book was action packed, full of twists and turns, a story of damnation, death, temptation and redeption but above all about passion. *Fans self* When I think of Wraith I get a little hot under the collar. Like the other two books I couldn't put this down. I'd liked Wraith in the first two books but in this story we get under his skin, finding the strong, passionate and caring character underneath. We already knew he was sexy, but we discover he can truly love someone more than himself.

Serena is interesting and complicated, someone with a love for life and adventure, and a good compliment for Wraith; when she finds out the truth about Wraith she is understandably hurt, whether she was more devastated that he was a demon or because he had lied to her is debatable, for me it is the latter, and I too would have thrown something at his sexy ass!

As I have said before one of the things I love about these books are the secondary plots how they link in, twist the story add new information and lead us into ideas for new tales. Connected to this are the fully developed secondary characters, I love Gem and Kynan, the tale of Reaver twists and turns through Wraith's tale giving flavour and spice to an already passionate novel. In the book we also meet Lore, who we will meet again in Ecstacy Unveiled, personally I can't wait!

I give Passion Unleashed 5 pink panties out of 5! A definite wet panty read...with knobs on!


Larissa said...

Awesome review!!! i looooooove this series!!!


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Came over from Larissa Sarah's Tweet. I just discovered these books in December-aren't they great? Gem and Ky are two of my favorite side characters ever!

Patti said...

Great review - this was my favorite book in the series so far! Can't wait for the next book!!

Anna ♥ said...

Wonderful review! I can't wait to read this book, I've just gotten started reading this series and I'm already completely hooked. :D

jaymzangel said...

I have this series on my TBR pile...which is approaching Mount Everest size at this point =P I really must read them. great review Julesy!

Minx said...

Awww thanks, I am pleased you liked the review *blushes* heheee. I loved the book, it's not just the plot and the passion it is the fully fleshed out side characters and the fact you know what happens to the whole family.

I am hooked, I want the next book... NOW!!!!

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