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Silk and Steel- The Review

Silk and Steel by Stella and Audra Price

Goaded into doing a favor for his best friend, Arcady Morrison, Incubus and Hit man, Enters Russia even though he's got a price on his head to find His Best friend's only living family, His cousin Alice. Given a pass for safe passage by the second prince of the Conglacio, Prince Dimitri, Arcady thinks this will be an easy in and out job, After all it's the Princes Brothels he's got to search in order to find the girl, The prince being the premiere Pimp in Russia. If she's in Russia, she's in Dimitri's Employ. Stuck in a cold and frozen land, he's about to meet the girl of his dreams.

Before I begin with the review I read on Twitter that it is Audra's Birthday today, so Happy Birthday Audra! Photobucket

Silk and Steel is a continuation in the Eververse sage following the lives and trial of a group of demons, all of whom seem to be pawns in a much larger plan. The machinations and plots behind events have always interested me, it's like Machiavelli's The Prince, twist and turn and flirt and play nice but always remember who is first and have the knife at the ready; and in some respect I can see Cash doing that, getting his pawns in place, making alliances, remembering all the time that e is a demon and not nice, however life throws him curve balls, the fact that he loves Astrid's smelly dog, his old love Faris turns out to be pregnant with his child after poisoning her intended groom so she could have her wedding night with him, and that he finds little Alice Ipwisk in the form of his brother's enforcer the adorable and psychotic Snow. Yes life is not easy for the exiled prince.

But I think that is what I like, the fact that this plot is character driven and you begin to like and genuinely care about the characters. Some of whom I now hate! Bateman gives me the shivers and as for Drake.... I know some are panting after his book but after what he did to Snow and her dog (poor Soot) I have a good mind to smack him. I am interested, after all the things I have heard about him, to see how he develops and turns out, his portrayal in this book is not flattering. But they are all demons!

Apologies if this wanders, I blame the Lemsip Max strength with menthol, good stuff but it does make you feel a bit wooo wooo! =D

Aside from what I have already said this book is actually the story of Acardy and Snow and how they fall for each other. This is not an easy relationship, he has issues because of his nature, he needs sex (preferably with multiple partners) to survive, she is 'damaged' as she says. But it also is a story of what a person can cope with and self salvation. Snow is scary, but she is also strong, stronger than she gives herself credit for, and Arcady sees that. They compliment each other very well, she gives him someone to care for, and he gives her a sense of home and pride. Never once does he look down on her, he thinks it is cool she knows so many ways to torture people, then again he blew up a building with thousands of people in it. A match made in the Eververse!

A simpler story than Sugar and Sin, not as complicated, this was more character driven and whilst it did still have many twists in (the biggest adding itself in the epilogue- this had me heading online to buy the next one... I must finish the series!) it was in no way as complex as the first, and I was grateful for this.

A fun book, I love Arcady! I give it 4 pink panties out of 5.


Stella Price said...

LOL! Im So glad you like the books!

Well lets see... Drake DOES change and you will see it... He just dislikes weak people... and Snow, for all her strength, is weak. You should read the free book Bargain by Starlight cuz thats Snow and Dimitri's book. It paints Drake in a fucked way too... but you have to hate him to really love him.

Snow is a great character.,.. and theres a few other stories we are putting out (Valentines whispers (EBOOK) thats out now and another short we are putting out next month) and she is perfect with Arcady.

As for Linus and Cash... hehe... Linus knows good people when he smells them... and Cash is good peoples... Tell me how did you feel about Cash and Astrids issues?

Minx said...

Yeah they do hae a bit of a problem don't they. I can understand why, they are actually part of eachother now, the connection must be incredibly strong to enable her to pull on his power the way she does.

I think it is good that they have other loves and partners. I think if Faris had not had walked back into Cash's life it would have been more of a problem. If it was JUST them I would be combustible and explosive and could consume them.

I think Fallon is the one who will stuggle the most with it, but I think his love and passion for Astrid will help her through it too. My question is, what plans does Cash have for Astrid once Fallon is gone, he has hinted at it!

Stella Price said...

Cash always planned to keep astrid forever... He wanted her mum but she was far too smart for that... Asty on the other hand... well she wants her cake and eat it too.

But Fallon and Snow have surprises of their own sleeves So dont count them out. And your right, Without Faris, Cash would work hard to havve Astrid all to himself... he does hate to share LOL.

Faris... and I was going to mention this before, Faris is one of those women that is very vulnerable... Just wait till you learn about Bethany... OMG faris is anything but soft... HEH...

Minx said...

I am tempted to bump EbF and continue with the saga.... ;)

Stella Price said...

I think you should... LOL... YOull like Cash's book and the saga is a lot sexier then EbF

Minx said...

Yep, all loaded up on my reader, gonna start soon.

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