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Could Gargoyles be the next big thing?

I was reading a guest blog on The Geeky Bookworm this morning about various things, but part of it was that some publishers believe that the day of the vampire paranormal romance could be drawing to a close... so if they are right.. and I do say IF... what could be next? We have already seen a major influx of demons, weres, gods, etc.. all of which I LOVE. On the blog the idea of Gargoyles was floated, but how could you make it work...

if you haven't already looked at it CLICK HERE for the original blog and my replies alongside those of others...

Anyway I have been thinking of it all day (Susi this is your fault) and I think I have a concept... like it or loathe it I am putting it out there... would you read about gargoyles and are gargoyles the next big thing? (yip I know some authors have already written about them, there are a few mentioned in the blog and I have heard from friends of a couple more- I have not read any so I hope this does not tread on anyones toes.)

Traditionally in architecture gargoyles were placed on buildings to protect them and the inhabitants, they were mainly on religious buildings and were to ward off evil. The mythology states that if they come to life they are animated but still 'monsters'- or in the world of Terry Pratchett (one that I have read, they are always alive and made of stone and filter the gutters and downpipes for food... aka vermin!)

My idea however deviates completely from the myth of them being constant monsters.

Imagine this...knights from another world battling in a war against 'Gargoyles' their mortal enemy- the war rages across space and time and they end up battling on Earth during the Dark Ages. They have with them a magical weapon (an egg of some sorts which holds a creation power and needs to be used with a spell and a solar eclipse) this is to be used under dire emergencies only. The Solar Knights enlist the help of human druids, as spies and to help with magic against the gargoyles. They have everything set, the final battle which will rid earth of the Gargoyles out to destroy it, the solar eclipse is upon them and.... someone gets over excited and opens the egg without the spell!

It turns the 'Gargoyles' to stone but also curses them to the same fate, they don't realise this until dawn breaks and they morph into stone monsters! The spell would have protected them, but as the spell was not uttered they become a mix of Solar Knight and Gargoyle- a new species. The druids were not affected as they were of earth, only beings from their world who were in the battle were.

Each night they turn back into Solar Knights, the druids help them, forming an order to protect them during the day and to help them find a way to break the curse/spell which binds them. Why? Because it was a druid who opened the egg without saying the spell.

Over the millenia they quest during the night to break the spell, they have kept in contact with their home planet- but have come to love earth and the women of earth. The spell having extended their lives making them immortal... in their current state they can not reproduce, they live in nests on buildings, unable to travel much as people will notice. The druids do much of the leg work! However some of the druids (500 years ago) became jealous of the power the gargoyles have and hunt them, persecuting humans to bring them out onto the streets, the blood of a solar warrior fueling their spells and giving them immortal life!

After that... gargoyle meets girl.... finds a way to mate? I have no idea where this would go... but I put it out there.

Needs a bit more thought... oh and btw all ideas are copyrighted Minx and will only be here for a limited time... :D

So could Gargoyles be the next big thing?


SusiSunshine said...

OMG hon you are just unbelievable! How do you come with that? I so want to read a gargoyle book now!
You are just fantastic.

Tracy Cooper-Posey said...

I dunno, Minx...they still don't seem, well, *sexy* to me. But they do seem very heroic!

I certainly like the story premise, though. It works in very well with gargoyles as we currently know them.


jaymzangel said...

hmmmm I'm intrigued by this. I loved Beau in the Lords of Avalon books by Sherrilyn Kenyon but in an 'awwww so sweet' kinda way. I do vaguely recall reading an ebook or short story about a sexy male Gargoyle so I'm receptive to the concept. very interesting blog, julesy!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I actually think they could do this. Like jaymzangel said, there were a few gargoyles in the Lords of Avalon series that shifted into men for a certain amount of time, and I remember thinking I'd like to have their story one day. :)

Minx said...

thanks everyone, certainly something to think about!

I think perhaps the story would come before the sex in this one. LOL

Sparklybearsy said...

I have been pondering over this, and yes, yes i think i could be receptive to the idea too, like Jay said, Beau in LOA is soooo cute, so i can see myself lusting after a grown up version!

This was most interesting Minxy, now i think you should write me the Gargoyle story to further continue the research ^_^

blueykins said...

ive been trying to post on ur blog for days. LOL i read an anthology that had a gargoyle story in it. and i loved it. cant recall the name but its in my collection somewhere cus it has a feehan story in it as well. :D and dun forget the ones in the LOA books. i wonder if Darkness Within will have more about them in it :D

Minx said...

YAY thanks all of you- I thought it was interesting topic, I'd forgotten about the SK ones in the LOA series.

I know some of you *looks at Bear* think I should write it.... umm yeah- you gonna be waiting a while for that!

Sparklybearsy said...

dooo it doooo it!!! *spanks*

aaaand theres something for you at my blog Minxy girl ;)

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