Monday, 3 May 2010

Master of Fire- The Review

By Angela Knight

Giada Shepherd is a Maja – an immortal witch of the Mageverse. When vampire knight King Arthur asks her to protect his mortal son from an assassin, she’s willing to do anything she must to keep Logan MacRoy alive. But Logan is no ordinary mortal – he’s a handsome seductive cop, intent on a romance with his beautiful new partner.

Trouble is, Arthur has ordered Giada to keep her distance from Logan. But that’s a lot easier said than done....

Back in November when I first found out this book was being published I said "I am SO excited, if you want something fun, sexy and full of action then this may be the series for you. Any vampire warrior who must live off blood and sex can try and see if I am a mage any time of the week. Set in a parallel Mageverse Arthur and his knights and Maja protect the human real from all kinds of demons and beasties, helped by Dire Wolves, a couple of Dragons and Fey they strive to battle evil. Turned into Vampiric immortal warriors by a now absent Merlin and Nimue Arthur et al create a fun pack. To survive they must drink the blood of the maja, their female equivalent who require sex and blood release to survive. It is a FUN symbiotic relationship. Sadly my poor explanation does not do it justice."

And I was justified to be excited!

After the first chapter(s) I was hooked, Giada was innocently charming but certainly packed a punch, Logan had the honourability of an Arthurian knight but was his own man. They suited each other very well and that made the book flow nicely,Logan has resisted the change for so long; he has his own reasons which we discover in the book, Arthur and Gwen don't want to lose another son, they want him to change... and Gwen knows Giada will be perfect for her son! Mwahahaaaaa! They both try to resist, but with the help of Morgana and Smoke they have no chance, and the are HOT together. Whilst Giada and Logan getting together is the over-riding theme the assassin plot is intriguing and fast paced. I loved how the plot twisted and turned, the hunt for the plot and those behind the assinations... and this is only the beginning.

The book also introduced the character of Smoke, and I love Smoke... he is so cute in cat form! But he doesn't stay that way and is integral to the plot, the next book Master of Smoke is all about him. If you want a fun, sometimes funny, downright sexy book with a killer and mysterious plot (literally, as someone is trying to kill him) then this book could be for you. If you have not read any of them, please try them, I can not recommend them highly enough.

4 pink panties out of 5, a damp panty read! Mysterious, sexy and downright hot!


Book Lovers Inc Staff said...

Sounds great. I love these kind of stories.
What's the name of the first book?
Wonderful review hon!

Minx said...

Thanks Susi!

The very first story was Seductions' Gift which was in Hot Blooded Anthology... but the first novel is Master of Night.

Book Lovers Inc Staff said...

Thanks hon. I will check those out!

Sparklybearsy said...

Oh that sounds great!!

Is it the first in a series? if not how many is there ?

Evil pimp Minxy, now i want to read it :P

Minx said...

There are 6 novels and 4 short stories (but you don't need the short stories to read the novels)Maser of Fire is novel 6, Master of Smoke is 7 and I think will be published later this year. *fingers crossed*

Master of Night is the first novel... perhaps I should do a give away and have that as a prize... what do you think?

Sparklybearsy said...

Good idea to pimp a series that you love =D

Redd(Neena) said...

Minx, dear..the Forgotten Lake has changed to

And now I am sooooo looking forward towards reading Master of Fire.. XD

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