Sunday, 20 June 2010

Astoroth: Her Last Sin reviewed.

By Stella and Audra Price

**book provided by author**

Meet Astoroth, high duke of hell. When a woman at the end of her bucket list meets him in a bar in Las Vegas, he sees the possibility for some harmless fun with a human just at her expiration date. what he doesn't count on is deciding to keep her...

This is a little journey down the path of the Price Sister's fallen angels. As they say on their blog:

"Choices are made by everyone, choices that pull you one way or another. Well what if what you thought was good was in fact the evils that you strive against?

Fallen Angels thrive on chaos, deceit and deceptions... don’t they?

Carnality and desire have no true place Above. Neither do those who love who they are or what they are just for the sake of being themselves. When the High and Mighty turn their backs on those created to serve Him, those who realized that its better to rule in "Hell" then serve in heaven,when does the rest of the world realize that what they have been taught en masse is actually wrong.

When the chips are down, all humanity has between oblivion and their precious souls are those sworn against the "light", those whose dark wings flap in the deepest dreams of the dreamers, that tease in the darkest desires of man.

Ready yourself. The Darkness is the only thing that wants to save you. Not because of your soul, they will get that eventually, but because they enjoy the world they have created in their image, a world ripe with desire.

Heaven couldn't keep them. Praise the Fates."

In need of a summer quickie, a short erotic pick me up, then this could be for you, and it is quick at 8000 words; but this is reflected in its 99c price.

A tale of dying girl meets fallen angel who decides he wants to keep her. An erotic frolic which gives you an insight into the minds of the fallen and that they too are searching for love. Perfect for getting you hot under the collar if you have a spare 15 minutes at the doctors office or if you are on the bus or on your lunch break. Lets just hope you don't need a blood pressure check after it.

I give it 3 damp panties out of 5. A mini but erotic read.


Sparklybearsy said...

You read at the dr's office Minxy Moo? Im too busy reading all the posters for diseases LOL!!

im reviewing this book this week too, you said it perfectly Minx, it is a short erotic read :)

Minx said...

Yip I do and at the dentists when I am sitting in the waiting room as they are never on time.

Pixiedust said...

Happy birthday Minxy! Hope the day rocks for you :D

SusiSunshine said...

I'm reading at the Dr'S office too and in the tram and everywhere else. LOL I got this one here and can't wait to start it. :)

And Happy BDay Minxy!
Have a wonderful day.

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