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Love in the Time of Dragons: The Review

By Katie MacAlister

If you found out you were a famous fire-breather, you’d be freaked out too.

Tully Sullivan is just like any other suburban mom—unless you count the days every year that she zones out and turns base metals in to gold. Those are weird.

And now she’s woken up in a strange place surrounded by strange people who keep insisting they’re dragons—and that she’s one too. But not just any dragon. She’s Ysolde de Bouchier, a famed figure from dragon history.

Tully can’t shape-shift or breathe fire, and she’s definitely not happy being sentenced to death for the misdeeds of a dragon mate she can’t remember. All Tully knows is that she wants her son back. So she’ll have to find a way to solve the crimes of a past she has no memory of living…

Since I first read 'You Slay Me' I have LOVED the Dragon Sept books, Aisling was hilarious, Drake was brooding and sexy and Jim had all the best lines. The series moved into the books of the Silver Dragons and I followed it, finding I liked the character of May, she brought something new to the books, particularly with her problems with her demon lord and Gabriel's inability to perform foreplay. (You have to read them, trust me, it works.) So when we moved into the novels of the Light Dragons, I moved with them. Whilst the original books are still my favourites I did enjoy Love in the Time of Dragons. I am not saying it is a perfect novel, because it isn't, but I frequently smiled and laughed out loud which is what I want out of a fun book! And trust me I laughed! Why? Various things but mainly because of Jim, why? Because as I said he gets all the best lines, "who do I have to crotch snuffle around here to get some food?"

I'll get to Jim in a little while, I'll start with our main protagonists now, they are Ysolde and Baltic. We have met Baltic before, he has been mentioned since the beginning but in the last novel we discovered he had been reincarnated. The tale is told from the view point of Ysolde, a woman with no memory of being a dragon and who believes she is Tully Sullivan, apprenticed to an Arch-mage with a vacant husband and a son called Brom. We soon discover she is Ysolde, Baltic's mate, resurrected, but she has no memory of this, in fact she has no memory of many things! That is a mystery to be resolved which the books sets off to do. Because of this the book dips in and out of the past as Ysolde relives key moments in her life. This can be confusing, but then Ysolde is confused and she is telling the story, so do what I did and go with it... it all works out!

Baltic is intense, moody, dogmatic or should that me dragonmatic? He is not my favourite of the male heroes in the books, but then he would have a LONG way to eclipse Drake! But I liked him well enough, a 14th century Warlord in the body of a 30 year old dragon certainly can be amusing reading, his ideas on somethings don't quite mesh with Ysolde's and he is obsessed with his belief that she is kinky. She admitted to him, after he told her that his lieutenant likes men, that a fantasy of hers was to watch a little m/m action, I am not saying any more. I know this has already got some of your attention!

The best thing about the book is that fact that all your favourite caharacters are there. Aisling, Drake, Jim, Gabriel, Kostya, May, Cyrene... the list goes on. This gives the book fuel and a familiarity. When Ysolde is having flashbacks we discover more about the septs and the dragons. (Drake and 3 french wenches, need I say more?) I am not saying it is as good as the Aisling and Drake novels, I didn't take to Ysolde and Baltic the same way I took to them, so don't expect that, it is a novel in its own right and they are new characters.

The ending is open, this is not the last book and it is building to something big, whilst there is enough resolved for you to feel it is an ending there are still open questions to lead us into the next story. The main question for me is... what about those blood spots?

A fun, sexy, laugh out loud book, perfect for a summer read, has enough umpf for you do be able to ignore the kids upending someone off a lilo, but generally it is easy enough to follow so you can put it down and go for a swim (some bits I did have to reread after putting the book down, but they were not a huge amount). Just don't expect lost of sex, it has sexy scenes but the main sex scene is towards the end of the book and it has an interesting twist!

Sexy summer fun I give it 3.5 frilly bikini bottoms out of 5. A minxy summer read.


Stella Price said...

Im going to attempt to read this again. I Started to, got pages in, got bored and put it down. And I love her dragons too So I was pretty sad about it.

but yeah, I'm going to try again.

Sparklybearsy said...

Boo! dont make me wait for my sexy time! i hate that *stomps foots* i'd give it a read though, it sounds fun, your review won me over Minxy Moo ;)

Minx said...

@ stella, I read the beginning in bits during the week, then finished the main bit last night, seems to work for me, means I am into the action by the time the sitting down and rading time comes. =P

@ Bear, LOL you read the m/m action and the crotch snuffling didn't you! Wort reading just for Jim. But I think you need to read the previous books to completely understand. Go read 'You Saly Me' Drake is just so RAAAWR!

SusiSunshine said...

This books sounds like fun. I haven't read her dragon books. Should I read them before?
Great review hon!

Minx said...

Yeah Susi, it might help if you do. The book might stand alone as it is the first in the Light Dragon series, but knowing the dragon past would help.

The first book in the series is You Slay Me and I LOVE it, in fact I may have to reread and review for here!!

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