Thursday, 3 June 2010

Steamed: The Review

By Katie MacAllister

Jack Fletcher's heart is about to get punked.

Computer technician Jack Fletcher is no hero, despite his unwelcome reputation as one. In fact, he's just been the victim of bizarre circumstances. Like now. His sister happens to disturb one of his nanoelectromechanical system experiments, and now they aren't where they're supposed to be. In fact, they're not sure where they are when…

…they wake up to see a woman with the reddest hair Jack has ever seen-and a gun. Octavia Pye is an Aerocorps captain with a whole lot of secrets, and she's not about to see her maiden voyage ruined by stowaways. But the sparks flying between her and Jack just may cause her airship to combust and ignite a passion that will forever change the world as she knows it…

This a book I have had for a while and only just got round to reading (I really must get through my TBR pile) I actually started reading it over 2 weeks ago and it has taken me this long to read. Why? Nothing to do with the book and more to do with altered deadlines for reports which interrupted me. So what about the book? This is my first venture into the Steampunk world and I enjoyed it. The premise is that Jack Fletcher and his sister Hallie and zapped into the world of Octavia Pye, an airship captain. But Octavia has secrets of her own, some of which are revealed in the book and some which aren't. Whilst this is the story of Octavia and Jack this has an overarching story which would connect future novels.

So what did I think? I liked it... I loved the characters... I loved the steampunk settings... the corsets... Jack's obsession with goggles... so why only like? The chapters are written alternately in the voice of either Jack or Octavia, I actually love dual narratives, however due to my circumstances and drawing out out reading it I kept having to think, OK who is telling this chapter. But that is my foible and I actually read the second half of the book yesterday and the dual narrative had no impact on my enjoyment of the story. What it did mean was that I had an insight into the feelings and fears of both characters.

Is it sexy? Yes! The sexual bantering and bristling between Jack and Octavia is fun, and when they finally get it together oh baby! I want to be Octavia Pye! I particularly enjoyed one scene in a secret passage way, the absurdity of it and the events which preceded it and followed it made it all the more fun, or intriguing and hot.

It is a book where everything that can go wrong will and that makes for a very interesting plot full of twists and turns, some of which you can guess, others which you can't!

A good book, interesting concept, interesting and mad cap characters, the cook who is obsessed with romancing Octavia is particularly fun, as is the disappearing Mr Llama! Perfect for a summer read!

I give this book 4 panties out of 5 a frilly panty read! Or as I am recommending it as a summer fun read, a frilly bikini bottom read!

I have created a frilly bikini bottom for all my summer recommendations, watch for them on the side bar!


Sparklybearsy said...

Im still a steam punk virgin..gasp i know :P this sounds like a fun read, the author seems familiar, i perhaps have something of hers in my collection.

great review julesy, loving the bikini frills! =D

Minx said...

I know I must find some for my summer read recommendations!

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAH cute knickers!! love them!

Stella Price said...

WOW your good. I hates this book. I couldnt get through it. Too much airship crap and not enough real katie style writing.

This really isnt steampunk, its a technical manual on how an airship would theoretically work.

I love Katie's work though, and I suggest picking up either Hard Day's Knight (my favorite, takes place at a Ren faire in Cananda) or her Aislin Grey novels... super cute.

Minx said...

Yeah I lover her other books more, but I think it was because I read all the early stuff is spits and starts, the setting up of the plot, then when I managed to sit down with it I was left with the action.

That is why I think it would be a good pool read, pick up put down, pick up etc.

I am aware that for some it would not be true steampunk, but I liked the world she created and even though I found the side characters, other than the crew which I loved) confusing at times, I am hoping they will have more of an impact in a later story.

It isn't for everyone, but frilly fun I enjoyed.

Redd said...

*smiles* Maybe I'll get to my copy soon, sounds good Minx! Oh and cute pink frilly bottoms! =)

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