Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Swing by Lissa Matthews: Reviewed

By Lissa Matthews

Two years after his brother’s death in Afghanistan, Jethro is doing well. His handmade porch swing business is booming, his hip injury has healed and he’s still in love with Caitlyn. He knows he should resist her, but can’t, and pulls her into his darkly sensual world of sex and spankings.
Caitlyn has grieved, created a life for herself and has finally come to terms with her need for Jethro, her dead husband’s brother. With no small measure of hesitation, she takes a fateful step—daring him to turn her and their chance at happiness away.

Part of  Elora's Cave Quickies Series this short story is a sexy little romp looking at the angst between Jethro and Caitlyn. Not only only does Jethro have to cope with his memories of fighting in Afghanistan, his brother dying in his arms after an attack, his injuries, his estrangement from his parents who blame him for his brother joining the army  but also the fact that his brother married the woman he loved. His brother knew this, always, and in his final moments he makes Jethro promise to care for her. 

Caityn grieved for her husband who she loved, but he wasn't the only man she loved, she fell in love with both of them for very different reasons. Her husband, caring, romantic and loving, Jethro: dark, dangerous and erotic. Coming to terms with her husbands death was difficult, coming to terms with the fact she still loved Jethro was even harder. Knowing that people will gossip she wonders what she should do.

At 54 pages this is a quickie, perfect for that ride on the bus or lunchtime bit of naughtiness! It's an interesting short which explores the emotions and needs of both characters. We find out Jethro is a little kinky and also that Caitlyn is happy to explore that part of her, but it is not easy and not everything runs smoothly. What I liked particularly was that within the 54 pages of the novel you actually get to know Jethro and Caitlyn, this is an erotic novel with substance as well as sex. 

I know some of you have been waiting wanting to know what the sex is like, all I am going to say is... if you have a garden or porch swing you will be grabbing your significant other and trying it out! If you, like me don't have a swing, you will be online ordering one!

Frisky and fun summer quickie! I give The Swing 4 frilly knickers out of 5. A damp panty read!


Sparklybearsy said...


great review Minxy, i love your smexi summer reads recs =)

Lissa said...

Wow! Awesome! TY!

And you know, I wanna order myself a Jethro right along with the swing... Every swing should come with one!

Minx said...

You just like looking at my butt! =P

I think you would like this Bearsyboo, Jethro just has that little bit of KINK to make it interesting! *waves paddle*

Minx said...

Lissa you are most welcome, I thoroghly enjoyed it and I am just about to start you demon and angel one!

Lissa said...

Have you read Simple Need? Just curious me, that's all...

Minx said...

No I haven't, I came across The Swing on the Gutter Girl's forum and liked the write up, so I headed over to Elora's Cave and got it, liked the look of the Demon and Angel one so got it too. But I may investigate Simple Need... tell me more!

Lissa said...

Simple Need is...well, Vinter is sex on tattoos and piercings. He's yummy. Really just damn yummy. He meets Elise at the bar, she was dumped by text message. She's drowning her bad guy luck in rum and coke. Vinter offers himself for her to drown herself in, instead. I don't believe you'd be disappointed in Simple Need either...

Cecile said...

Oh my.... I loved this story... And yeah... your panties are cute to look at!!! LOL!

Hummmm... okay I am off to order a Jethro, I mean swing!
Hope all is well honey!

SusiSunshine said...

Why don't I have a garden?? Dang.
And I like it when there is more depth to a short than you expect.

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