Saturday, 14 August 2010

Trouble in a Stetson: Reviewed

By Regina Carlysle

Lola Lamont leaves Vegas with two pals, never imagining they’d break down in small-town Texas. So what’s a former showgirl to do when she runs smack dab into the hottest sheriff south of the Mason Dixon line? Why, jump his bones, of course!

Sam Campbell takes one look at the Vegas Bombshell and knows damn good and well she belongs in his bed. She probably has the words gold digger tattooed to her ass but he’s ready to take what the sexy blonde has to offer. Vowing to protect his heart, Sam rocks her world. Too bad she’s rocking his right back. Sam is more than ready to handle some sass, spunk and sex, but is he willing to gamble on love?

One thing which truly appealed to me in this book was the first line of the dedication, "This book is dedicated to all who have been told they are too pretty, too ugly, too skinny, too fat or are judged on the basis of skin color, political leanings or religious beliefs." That actually hooked me in this tale of The Sheriff and the Showgirl! 

Lola is friendly, loveable and so much fun, on top of that she loves things which are pink and frilly!!! A Las Vegas 'Pink Flamingo Girl' Lola is sacked when she turns thirty, not only that she discovers that her fiance (a casino owner) was cheating on her and he dumped her. With her friends Lola packs up her pink Caddy and heads out, breaking down on Mesa Blanco and discovering life in a small town isn't quite what she remembered. She grew up in the south, poor but willing to work hard, when her Mum died when she was 19 Lola sold the trailer and headed for Vegas, working jobs to pay for dance lessons until she became a showgirl.

Sam is gruff and all sheriffy and divorced, his wife having left him for better prospects, a city life and a rich husband. As a result Sam has a little chip on his shoulder about it all, but after a rocky start he and Lola finally get it together and make the sheets burn.

What interested me was this idea of prejudice and judgement, he thinks she wants a rich husband, and all she wants is to be loved and doesn't understand why he doesn't call. However when there is a disturbance outside her home Sam comes to the rescue. It is a story about enlightenment and hot sex. A good combination. I really enjoyed this story, more than the first and I am looking forward to Roxy's tale!

A sexy and interesting read which I think you would enjoy. I give Trouble in a Stetson 4 frilly knickers out of 5. A damp panty read!


Sparklybearsy said...

Nom for Cowboys!!

Minx said...

Oh trust me Sam is very nomable!

Cecile said...

OOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this.... Great review honey!!!!! And very nom nommm nommmy!!!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hey Minx! I stumbled across your review of my book completely by accident. Soooo glad you liked the story. Prejudice DOES come in many forms, doesn't it? This Texas author, thanks you so very much for this review.

C. Zampa said...

Have to buy this book! My first Regina book, 'Drilled' has me hooked on her writing!

The excerpt is wonderful, the books sounds VERY good!

Minx said...

@ Regina Carlysle you are most welcome, I really enjoyed it and will be checking out some of your other stuff!

@ C Zampa Thanks, I will have to look up Drilled!

@ Cecile you have to read it and I might be suggesting the cover for the cover hussies!

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