Friday, 3 September 2010

Review Policy

Review Policy
To Authors or Publishers I'm always open to receiving books for review, or if you'd like to host a contest or interview that would be great, if you would like to be interviewed I would like to have read the author previously so I can prepare appropriately. I am also open to character interviews.

Each review is my own thoughts and opinions, I maintain that I will give an open and balanced review and be truthful to my ethos and opinion.

Each review will be posted here on Loose Knickers, and on Goodreads (also Amazon if requested to)

Genres i would happily read and review is: ROMANCE and all sub genres of it: Paranormal, Erotica, YA, contemporary, Gothic, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Historical

I will consider other Genre's not mentioned above but I reserve the right to decline the review. (Future notice will be given)

I will accept bith e and print books (I have a sony ereader)

All requests will be replied to.

If you are a new author please feel free to contact me, I love finding new things to read.

To contact me: looseknickersblog(at)gmail(dot)com


Disclaimer: I will state when I've received a book from Authors. If not stated assume books were bought by me.


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