Monday, 27 December 2010

Ink Spots by Lissa Matthews: Review

By night, Mandi is a waitress in her best friend’s adult entertainment club, complete with long raven hair and bright blue eyes. By day, she’s a boutique jewelry maker with a flair for the occasional naughty design. She’s shy, quiet, a definitive Plain Jane—and completely in lust with the one man who wouldn’t ever be interested in her. He’s big, menacing, and inspires every one of her dirty girl desires. If birthday wishes came true, he would be hers.
Tattoo artist. Business owner. Lover of vintage cars. Drummer. Jaz is far from the average guy. Built like a brick wall and inked from head to toe, he can scare the faint of heart with just a look, but faint of heart isn’t what interests him, isn’t what fuels his fantasies and keeps him hard from dawn to dusk. It’s her—the waitress, his sister’s friend, the birthday girl.
Mandi is given the best present ever—Jaz. And she’s got one night to make every wicked thought and erotic dream she’s had about him come true

For me another great read from Lissa Matthews, I have made no secret about the fact I loved Vinter's book *fans self* and this set me off on a little trek through the next two installments, both of which have left me feeling squirmy and hot under the collar. Why? I don't know, it could be a combination of the kind of coincidences that, in your fantasies, you hope will happen to you, and characters you like. Whilst what happens to them might be a little outside most peoples realities (if only) there is something truly likeable and relatable about the characters. Mandi is a jewellery designer who waitresses in her friends strip bar to pay her bills, she has the hots for her friends brother, and he has the hots for her. Jaz is intimidating and stares at her like he wants to eat her, thankfully with a little manoeuvring from her friends, he is able to do just that.

Jaz introduces Mandi to his world and allows her to embrace her sexuality, he knows just what he wants and is no longer afraid to go and get it. The book also reunites us with Vinter and Dallon, and introduces Jackie and Mac.... I wonder if Jackie and Mac could be the next installment *bats eyelashes hopefully*.

If you want something to get your new year started with a bang, then this could be the book for you, let Jaz and Mandi spice up your life, perhaps it will make you wan to start the year with a little ink. 

A new years frilly recommendation, I give Ink Spots 4 frilly knickers out of 5, a damp pantie read with birthday candles on top!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Ohhh you know that is why I love you so much!!! Our crush for the one woman who can get our panties wet and mouth drooling! I have to read it... but that will be changing soon.. and I do mean soon!!!!!!!!
You did a great review honey and you are right, hell if you want to start your New Year off with a kink too.. pick up Lissa's work!!!
She will rock your world!
Hope all is well honey! Hugs to you!

Minx said...

Thanks Cecile!

It was a fun and frisky read, you must get to it soon.

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