Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bite Me if you can Revisited

By Lynsay Sands

One minute Leigh is walking home in the early hours of the morning, and the next a vampire is sinking his teeth into her neck. Turns out it was a rogue vampire marked for termination, but it does Leigh little good because the damage has already been done. She’s become one of them.

Lucian Argeneau, hunter of rogue vampires, has been alive for over two thousand years, and there’s very little to excite him anymore. Food has become tasteless, sex is ordinary. Then Leigh drops into his life. Suddenly he finds himself craving coffee… and imagining the sassy brunette atop the black satin sheets on his nice big bed. It’s Lucian’s job now to enlighten Leigh on the inner workings of being immortal… and tutoring her is igniting a fire in him that hasn’t burned in centuries.

But until they stop a renegade bloodsucker from destroying the human race, the passion will have to wait!

On the Gutter Girls I decided to dedicate Manly Monday to Lucian Argeneau because as I said on their I find him as sexy as sin. After finding the quote I wanted I realised how long it had been since I'd read the book and I started reading it again. I had forgotten how much fun it is, aside from Lucian being masterful, sexy and proud we discover the soft and squishy side of a very lonely man who feels like an outside in his family. Leigh is a strong woman, a survior of domestic violence and victim to a rogue vampire who wanted her for himself. But no matter what she has been through we never pity her, we have a sympathetic shoulder, but we smile at her survival and empowerment. she is the perfect woman for him, funny and quick witted.

I have always loved this series, I love the humour and the familiness of it, the closeness and interplay between the characters, as for when she has a conversation with his penis, for me, my favourite scene in the book!

4 pink panties out of 5, a damp panty read with giggles!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading I think it is a FAB idea... she said to

* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
* BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
* Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Ok so here goes, my teaser is from p14: of Fire in His Eyes from Stella and Audra Price- I won this book on the Saturday Scenes blog! *wiggles bum*

"He slipped his tongue through her parted lips, and the kiss was explosive. Heat, searing and sexy, ran through her as his tongue danced with hers, the soft feeling of flames licking at the inside of her mouth as he plundered her body and soul."

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ecstasy Unveiled- The Review

By Larissa Ione

"A Demon Enslaved…

Lore is a Seminus half-breed demon who has been forced to act as his dark master’s assassin. Now to earn his freedom and save his sister’s life, he must complete one last kill. Powerful and ruthless, he’ll stop at nothing to carry out this deadly mission.

An Angel Tempted…

Idess is an earthbound angel with a wild side sworn to protect the human Lore is targeting. She’s determined to thwart her wickedly handsome adversary by any means necessary—even if that means risking her vow of eternal chastity. But what begins as a simple seduction soon turns into a passion that leaves both angel and demon craving complete surrender.

Torn between duty and desire, Lore and Idess must join forces as they battle their attraction for each other. Because an enemy from the past is rising again—hellbent on vengeance and unthinkable destruction."

I was so excited when a parcel plopped through my letterbox yesterday and onto my welcome mat, because within it was my copy of Ecstasy Unveiled! Along with all of those who love instant gratification I ripped open the envelope, danced round the room, quickly put my groceries away, grabbed a cuppa and some chocolate and put it right at the top of my TBR pile and tucked in! And I am SO pleased I did! Reading this book is like sliding down a helterskelter; full of twists and turns and so much fun you climb back on for more and never feel sick.

We meet all the characters we have grown to love from the earlier books, not just the Sem brothers and their mates, but also Gem and Kynan who is essential to the plot. We follow Lore on his final task for his master and his quest to find himself, and he finds himself in an equally complicated woman called Idess. An angel and a demon sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! For a long time this is all the relief he can get, for the obvious angelic reasons, but it doesn't matter because their burgeoning relationship is sweet, complex but above all passionate. An all consuming passion which threatens all they hold dear. Actually that is a bit misleading, but then again the brothers are mislead throughout the book and that is what creates the twists and turns. We the reader get an idea about halfway through of who is actually messing with them, but who will save the day?

As for Sin... well I will just let you find out about her yourself. But read well, she is up next and the extract from Sin Undone suggests it is going to be another great read!

I loved it and as I have said before this series just keeps getting better, I give Ecstasy Unveiled 4.5 pink panties out of 5! A Wet panty read!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Renegade Hunter- The Review

The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands

"Nicholas Argeneau was once a successful hunter who went after rogue vampires who break the immortal law. Except no one has mentioned his name in the last fifty years, not since he turned into a rogue himself. But once a hunter, always a hunter. When Nicholas sees a bloodthirsty sucker terrifying a woman, it’s second nature for him to come to her rescue. He had no idea he would also want to kiss her senseless…

One minute Josephine Willan is taking in a breath of fresh air, and the next sharp fangs are heading straight for her neck! Luckily a gorgeous stranger saves her life . . . and gets locked up for his troubles. Can a man who kisses so lovingly and passionately really have committed the crime he’s accused of? Jo isn’t so sure…and she’s determined to prove that this renegade hunter is worth fighting for."

You know what it feels like to have a LONG day at work, cramps hit you at lunch time, painkillers become your best friend and by the time you get home all you want to do is inhale more pain pills, cuddle a hot water bottle and try and relax. This is the situation I found myself in today, apologies if it is TMI, but it is true. You can't settle, you feel uncomfortable, listless and lethargic. At 7pm I decided to read for a bit and I opened my copy of The Renegade Hunter which had been on my TBR pile for MONTHS and finally made its way to the top. I started it at 7pm and I finished it at 9-50pm. I think that says everything, any book which will hold my concentration when I feel like I have been attacked by an energy sucking vacuum cleaner gets my vote. I have always liked the work of Lynsay Sands, I started reading her years ago when the first 2 books still had the fun cartoon covers and Lissiana's book, (which hadn't been written and is now book 1) was just something refered to, yes we are talking about all the way back to 2004! As you may have guessed I love books with a sense of humour and this series has exactly that, we are now up to book 12 and I don't believe they have lost any of the charm.

What I want to know is: where do I find an Argeneau?

This story begins with Nicolas, a believed rogue vampire on the run again, but saving the lives of women. Jo is the woman he saves who turns out to be his life mate, Nicholas is a widower who was believed to have killed an innconet in rage after his first life mate was killed, Jo is nothing like he first wife, she is sarcastic, impetuous and feisty. She has what my Gran would have called 'gumption'. She is being stalked by a rogue who seems to be with them at every turn and Nicholas who is trying to stay away from her is forced to save her at every turn. Through this their relationship develops. Jo believes Nicolas could never kill anyone, and they discover there is a gap in his memory which proves to be suspicious. Of course by the end of the novel the whole Argeneau clan has arrived because you know wherever there is a crisis Aunt Margeurite and Uncle Lucian are not far behind, of course when Jo is calling Lucian 'Mr Sourpuss Pants' I was almost wetting mine with laughter!

For me the only downside to this sexy, funny story is a rather aprupt ending, they find out something important, or at least Uncle Lucian does and he is coming to tell them, I turned the page to see what it was and found it was the end, the extra 20 or so pages in the back being an extract for the new highlander book. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't disctract from what is a very good read, it just makes me want to know what happens next.... but I want to know NOW!

A very good read if you want something fun and sexy to whisk you away. I give it 4 pink panties out of 5, a damp panty read I couldn't put down. Why not 5? As I said, for me the ending was a bit abrupt.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hot for the Holidays is HOT HOT HOT!

Hot for the Holidays Anthology

Four bestselling authors invite readers to spend the night with these never-before-published novellas spiced with sexy romance and paranormal passion. So come in out of the cold and experience the thrill of a soul-stirring new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh, a return to the beguiling world of the Mageverse from Angela Knight, and two more mesmerizing and unexpected stories of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits from Anya Bast and Allyson James.

I LOVED this book, every girl needs a good anthology for when life throws them lemons, actually I like them for when I am busy with real life, I can pick it up read a complete story in about an hour put it down and go and dig snow, or shop or mark books, you know chores! I really enjoyed the four stories in here which is why I am going to say something about each of them. One thing which made me so excited about this book was to have so many great authors in one anthology, if only I'd had time to read it over Christmas, still the holiday theme didn't distract in any way, it actually gave a poignancy to the tales, an element we the audience can empathise with.

Angela Knight- Vampire Ball
Kat Danilo’s childhood turned tragic when her sister become the victim of a serial killer. Years later, she gets a chance at justice when she discovers she’d the daughter of Lancelot, vampire knight of the Round Table. But first, she’s got to convince a handsome vampire warrior that she’s worthy to gain the magical powers that are her birthright – powers that might help her find her sister’s killer.

If the murderer doesn’t find her first....

I was so excited to see Angela Knight had a Mageverse story in this anthology, I have always loved the books and I have missed them. Whilst the story was short it was pacy, things happening quickly which mean that you kept reading, it was definitely a page turner and made me excited to Master of Fire which is out later this year. Kat accepted what happened to her very quickly, but that was mainly down to a data transference from Grace, I guess you can't argue with the facts when you have them all. Her vampire was Ridge Champion, sexy, passionate and uncertain what to do with her! A fun read.

Allyson James- A little Night Magic

The town of Magellan is famous for its woo-woo activity. Naomi is known as an Unbeliever (one who doesn't believe in Magellan's mystical energy). But Naomi must put disbelief aside when her Navajo lover reveals that he is a Changer, a shapeshifter, and has returned to Magellan to protect her from grave danger on Christmas Eve.

I'd not really read much Allyson James before but after this I will, I liked the character of Naomi, she was strong and independent and didn't fall apart when the man in her life exited suddenly and reappeared just as suddenly, Jamison was enigmatic and earthy, not to mention hot and sexy and animalistic. They made a good pairing helped by the trickster God Coyote who spiced it up a bit with his suggestion towards the end of the book of what they all could do while they wait. Made me laugh!

Anya Bast- Sweet Enchantment

This provides a first taste of the world in which her new Dark Magick series is set.

From Chapter 1 (full extract can be read by clicking on the Anya Bast link above)

Bella had vowed to never bind her life to this man’s. Now here she was, about to do it. Worse, she’d made the decision only two seconds after learning of his predicament.

Ronan still didn’t know she’d entered his cell. He knelt before her, his arms extended to either side, wrists wrapped in heavy charmed iron chain, and his gaze fastened on the cracked cement floor of the cell. How low the great mage of the Seelie Court had sunk. The only charmed iron chain in the whole of the Seelie Rose Tower resided within the walls of Her Majesty’s Prison, and he was wrapped in every inch of it. His long dark hair hung over his face, and his biceps and muscular bare back flexed as he moved uncomfortably against his bonds.

Bella liked the fact that the mage, Ronan Achaius Quinn, was in such a subservient position to her. He wasn’t a man who was subservient to anyone unless forced by charmed iron to be so. For a moment she allowed her gaze to trace over him. She’d never seen a more beautifully made man in her life. Not before the day she’d clapped eyes on him and not afterward. The sight of him made a woman want the iron silk of his body rubbing up against hers, made carnal thoughts crowd the most prudish of female minds.

It had been a long time since I read Anya Bast and on reading this I didn't know why? I ran out and ordered the new book which links to this series (Wicked Enchantment) ok so I didn't as much run as go online to Amazon, and GRRR it is not published here until March! I think you can gather I liked the whole Seelie/Unseelie vibe, I have always been a sucker for the Fae and this looks like it is going to be a fabulous series. The characteres are well developed, particularly for a short story, as is the Fae world we are introduced to, the working of different castes and the Fae courts systems. I loved bothe Balla and Ronan, trust me, there is something wickedly good about him.

Lora Leigh- A Christmas Kiss

Extract from the opening of the story, the full extract can be read by clicking on the link

Fear rushed through her system in a surge of adrenaline as the next shot sent a bullet tearing into the stone above her head. They were getting closer. She wasn’t going to survive. She would die here, in the cold and the snow, and it would probably take a while a find her. Evidently no one was too concerned with her now that she had been released, though she was confined to Haven. It was probably a breed trying to kill her.

“Jess.” A hand clamped over her mouth as she pushed herself past the boulders and strong hands jerked her behind the rocks as another shot struck beside her shoulder.

Heated, hard and male, the large body she was suddenly cushioned against was a welcome relief, a place of security as she recognized the voice at her ear.

Hawke Esteban.

I am still fairly new to the breeds series, I have a lot of them and I am working my way through them, (too many books, not enough time) and from what I have read this is representative of the stories, Jess and Hawke and interesting, she had been imprisoned for treason and he is a tortured soul trying to stay away from her because he was trying to prove her innocence. We meet them after she has been released for 3 months and is non too happy that he is still avoiding her, he has some way to go to make things up to her; especially as he does not want to force the mating heat on her. On top of this they must find whoever is trying to kill her.

Another good short story!

I give Hot for The Holidays 4.5 pink panties out of 5, a mixture of fun, romance, humour, and sex. A damp panty read!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

What does my Birth Date Mean?

Saw this on A reader's Journey's Blog and of course I had to do it!

You Are a Maverick

You're a restless rebel with an unpredictable nature.

Bright but unbridled, you tend to seek out wild experiences over new ideas.

People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life.

You're a heartbreaker. People get attached to you, and then you're gone.

Your strength: Your thirst for adventure

Your weakness: Not taking time for slow pleasures

Your power color: Hot pink

Your power symbol: Figure eight

Your power month: March

Maverick.... pink... HOT pink.... does it know me?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading I think it is a FAB idea... she said to

* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
* BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
* Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Ok so here goes, my teaser is from p198: (Although I am not that far ahead) Shades of Midnight, Lara Adrian

"She wasn't about to run, not even now. She was scared as hell, more than she'd ever
been in her life, but she had to do something--for Kade, and for his brethren--no matter how
insignificant her actions might prove to be against this threat."

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Laid Bare- The Updated Review

Laid Bare by Lauren Dane

Unexpected Desire…

It’s been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with Erin Brown, the provocative, wild rocker chick next door. Their power exchange in the bedroom got under his skin. But love wasn’t in the cards just yet…

Now, life has thrown the pair back together. But picking up where they left off is tough, in light of a painful event from Erin’s past. As Todd struggles to earn her trust, their relationship takes an unexpected and exciting turn when Todd’s best friend, Ben, ends up in their bed—and all three are quite satisfied in this relationship without a name. As the passion they share transforms Erin, will it be enough to help her face the evil she thought she had left behind?

This book was recommended to me by Bearsy and I did enjoy it, it was a tender and romantic story despite the eroticism, menage and d/s content, which is hard to achieve. But, there is a but, and I don't mean a butt you can spank, but a but I can't quite out my finger on, which is very odd in a book I did actually enjoy. I'll get onto the characters in a moment, but it was the story I found most interesting, the tenderness in which the relationship between Todd, Erin and Ben was developed and established was something I had not really come across. Their exploration into their needs and motivation was interesting, as was the back story which was dripped into the story, creating a pivot point for current events happening in the novel.

Erin was an interesting character, likeable, fun and courageous, Todd was yummy, hunky and sexy, and Ben was unexpected, lonely yet lovable. The relationship they forged grew as the novel went on and was unexpected in places and I did like it; I do recommend it to you, if you want an erotic read full of tenderness tinged with d/s and a little m/m spicer then this is the story for you.

Perhaps it was the length, perhaps it was my guttering hanging in front of the window which distracted me, but I did find my mind wandering towards the end.

A definite GOOD read.

I give Laid Bare 3.5 pink panties out of 5. A damp panty read.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Passion Unleashed- The Review

Passion Unleashed: Demonica Book 3 by Larissa Ione

Forbidden Temptations…

Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter—and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she’s been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality . . . as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn’t all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she’s finally met the one man she cannot resist.

Fatal Desires…

Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe—her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions, and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes a horrible truth: he’s falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own.

Oh my! Where to begin, this book was action packed, full of twists and turns, a story of damnation, death, temptation and redeption but above all about passion. *Fans self* When I think of Wraith I get a little hot under the collar. Like the other two books I couldn't put this down. I'd liked Wraith in the first two books but in this story we get under his skin, finding the strong, passionate and caring character underneath. We already knew he was sexy, but we discover he can truly love someone more than himself.

Serena is interesting and complicated, someone with a love for life and adventure, and a good compliment for Wraith; when she finds out the truth about Wraith she is understandably hurt, whether she was more devastated that he was a demon or because he had lied to her is debatable, for me it is the latter, and I too would have thrown something at his sexy ass!

As I have said before one of the things I love about these books are the secondary plots how they link in, twist the story add new information and lead us into ideas for new tales. Connected to this are the fully developed secondary characters, I love Gem and Kynan, the tale of Reaver twists and turns through Wraith's tale giving flavour and spice to an already passionate novel. In the book we also meet Lore, who we will meet again in Ecstacy Unveiled, personally I can't wait!

I give Passion Unleashed 5 pink panties out of 5! A definite wet panty read...with knobs on!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading

To participate
* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
* BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
* Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

This week is something completely different, a tease from an extract of a book to be published in February. I have always enjoyed the writings of Katie MacAllister and I have a lot of her books, my favourite series being the Dragons, closely followed by the Dark Ones. This extracted is from her new series STEAMED It looks fun to me!

"It wasn’t unknown for him to send assistance when he thought it necessary, but he knew me well. A memory rose of him pulling on his clothes as I lay tangled in the sheets, exhausted and sated, his grey eyes warm with amusement as he said that he could always count on me to be proficient in all that I did."

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Desire Unchained- The review

'Pleasure is their ultimate weapon . . .

Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn’t resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy.

A Seminus demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he’d seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon chained next to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes that her effect on him is more dangerous than ever. As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts—or succumb to a madman’s evil plans.'

One of the best things about coming to a series late is that you have more than one book to go at at a time, so when I finished book 1 I ran out and bought books 2 and 3, and did I enjoy Shades book? YES! Oh my did I enjoy it *fans self*

I liked all three of the Sem brothers when I met them in Pleasure Unbound and whilst I loved that book all I can say is I think the series is getting better! The characters are well formed, so much so you genuinely care about them, even the secondary characters and their sub-plots (Go Gem and Kynan.. w00t)As for the main characters of Shade and Runa, they are compelling in their relationship, complex in their emotions, and sexy with each other. So much so you HAD to turn the page, you needed to know what happened next.

A complex plot full of twists and turns where things are not always as they seem they rekindle a love which threatens the lives of the both under the watchful gaze of a mad man and overprotective brothers. A novel, for me, where everthings works together in harmony, whilst still leaving a few twists and turns for Passion Unleashed which I have sat next to me. If you woner why this review seems rushed, it is because I vowed that I would write it before I open the book to read, and trust me I want to read. Can't recommend it highly enough!

I give Shade and Desire Unchained 5 pink panties out of 5. A wet panty read!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The New Year begins with an award!

Thanks to The Book Vixen for this award!

Here’s what to do:

List 10 things that make you happy.

Try and do at least one of them today.

Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.

Link back to the person that tagged you.

10 things that make me happy:

1. Sunshine
2. red roses
3. shoes
4. my laptop
5. Chocolate
6. books
7. buying books
8. music
9. gadgets
10. my friends and family

10 Blogs which make me happy
Larrisa's Life
Erotic Horizon
Leontine's Book Realm
A Bitch, a Blog and a Bookshelf
Ramblings of a Book Bitch
JoJo's Book Corner
Book Addict
Good Gone Girl
The Geeky Book Worm
Fiction Vixen

Curl up with a Book and a Nook

There are a few days left to enter the contest on Anya Bast's blog CLICK HERE to enter.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Of Crimson and Collars- Erotic Romance Reading Challenge and Smut of the Month

I have to thank Bearsy Book Bitch for introducing me to this book and the series, she had heard about it on twitter and tweeted about it, after google helped me locate it on total-e-bound books I began to read.

Synopsis- OF CRIMSON AND COLLARS (American Satyrs Book 1)

"As a princess of the Satyr confederation, Minerva has been coddled, spoiled and revered, as well as taught and trained just how to serve her Satyr. beautiful, sexy and a prize in herself, she's anxious to meet the man that will become her lover, master, and reason for living.

Esben Chambers, a half demon, half something else orphan lives on earth with few cares or ties. His family partially unknown, he's embraced his Strigo, or time demon, heritage, though some of his powers are well out of the scope of the lords of time.

When an Imp shows up at his estate, claiming he’s the only living Satyr prince to clan Tempest, Ben realizes there might be something to figuring out just who his fathers people were, and agrees to go to New York for a Convergence Summit. He's counting on figuring out why he was left alone in the world.

What he doesn't count on is the enchanting woman he sees in a floor show, the woman that makes his blood burn to possess her."

I had not come across the authors Stella and Audra Price before this and I am very grateful I was introduced to them, they have created an erotic world of d/s which does not humiliate, a world where the innocence of the submissive is an engaging power. If you enjoy a book packed full of erotica then this is the book for you. I enjoyed it so much I went back and bought 3 more of there books from a different series.

But why?

The main characters of Ben (Esben) and Minerva are charming, Ben, orphaned and abandoned by his demon parents he is brought up by his uncle until he is banished from the demon realm. Throughout this time he always knew he was different, he knew that any woman he had sex with would become addicted to him, but he didn't know why, until an imp appeared and informed him he was part saytr. Not just any Saytr, but a Prince. Ben is HOT... scorching hot... a demon who knows what he likes and treats his pets well. By pets he means concubines, not fluffy bunnies. When is presence is requested at the Converge Summit he is gifted Minerva, daughter or the Saytr 'King' and he falls head over heels. What I like about their relationship was that for all the d/s he allowed Minerva to be herself and in things he did not know he allowed her to lead him, he was not overbearing and ruthless.

Minerva too seems different to the other Princesses and although she enjoys being collared we are given the impression she is no simpering miss, but someone who is very capapble of holding her own, she has her own opinions and outlooks, and in a world of sex her innocence is alluring.

The next book in this series is To Collar and Keep: the tale of Harlequin and Arabella, or Harley as we know him in Crimson and Collars. I am looking forward to this! Now to read the 3 books in The Knossos Series I bought, after Of Crimson and Collars I have high hopes.

I give this book a 4.5 pink panties out of 5, why not 5... I wanted it to go on longer! :o) A Damp panty read!

Erotic Romance Reading Challenge

I will be participating in this challenge this year and combining some of the challenge reads with my Smut of the Month posts. This challenge(hosted by Erotic Horizon) allows for us to choose the books as we go, so this post is to allow me to keep track of where I am up to, (I will also add a widget to the side bar)

Timeline: 01 Jan 2010 - 31 Dec 2010
Rules: To read TEN(10) Erotica Romance in 2010
1. Of Crimson and Collars
2. Laid Bare
3. Retreat from Love


My Mum Always said you have to wear new Knickers at New Year!

So I am or at least my blog is wearing new undies, new year and a new start, and that means a new layout. I have been trying a few trying to find one that I like and I think I found it! Apologies to you my readers, I know constantly changing layouts can be a pain, but I promise you this one will stay... for a while ;o) Oh and I'd better warn you The Gutter Girls has had a face-lift too!

So what to expect for 2010, I have no idea, but I do know I will endeavour to read and review as much as I can; both real books and e books.

I have my first review for the erotic reading challenge ready and it will double up as my smut of the month. But as I must go visit family.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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