Friday, 6 May 2011

No Mercy: Reviewed

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dev Peltier thought he knew it all. But one night when not just a Dark-Hunter, but an official member of the Dogs of War sashays into his bar, he realizes that he might have met his match.

Sam was one the fiercest Amazon warrior in her tribe. But when an act of brutal betrayal made her a Dark-Hunter, she's been pissed ever since.

Life fast, fight hard and enjoy the night. That's her credo. But as old enemies and new move into New Orleans, she realizes that Dev just might be the only hope she and mankind have to save the world.

 I have been a fan of the Dark Hunter series for a very long time, in fact many years ago it was my first foray into the world of the paranormal, well OK I had read fantasy and science fiction for years, but I had never come across paranormal romance before and with Night Pleasures I lapped it up! Went out and got Fantasy Lover and Night Embrace (which were the only other 2 out) and devoured them. I then learned what it was like to stalk the postman! So yes, these books do have a special place in my heart. It is what led me to the Dark Hunter BBS (sadly it is no more sob) created BAM ( Banners Anonymous- founder member) and eventually led me here and to all of you. Throughout all those books (and yes I have read them all) one of my favourite characters was Dev and I was SO excited that he would finally get his own book. But I also went into this with a little trepidation as even though I have enjoyed the recent books I am also aware of how big the DH world now is and in some ways the books have lost the charm of the early books I fell in love with. This tight nit community which looks after their own. But I shouldn't have been scared.


Perhaps it was because all the old gang was there, perhaps it was because Dev was one of the original characters and I felt I knew him already, but that charm was there and wound throughout the book.

I am not saying the book is perfect, there are still some questions that need answering like does Sam's "thing" not work on him simply because they are mates? Or did I miss something?

But it is a good book and a really engaging read. Dev is sexy and bearlike and human and vulnerable and all the things deep inside that he didn't show, we find out more about his past life and his relationship with his family, his mother in particular and just why family is so important to him, at times your heart will bleed for him. In the past books Dev came across as a bit of a player, well ok a different woman every night and sometimes two at a time (not that I minded I always had a soft spot for him *whispers bear pheromones to Sparklybearsy, Shame and Squire Nomad*) but we find out about the man inside in this book and through that more about his brothers, and I am certain Remi would have liked to keep some of those things secret! heheheheeeeee.

What about Samia? She is Amazonian in the best sense of the word, strong, fearless, brave and happy to put her life on the line for those she cares about, however someone wants her dead, in her final act of revenge she killed those who slaughtered her family, however they were more than they seemed and their brother has waited a long time for revenge and he means to have it.

A gripping story, old friends (the whole gang in there) and an ending which makes you smile, I love you Savitar! I gibe No Mercy 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5, add this to your summer reading list!


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