Sunday, 28 August 2011

Review: Happily Never After

personal copy

by Jeaniene Frost

Isabella Spaga is about to reluctantly walk down the aisle with Mr. Dangerously Wrong…but not if dashing vampire Chance has anything to say about it. As a favor to Bones, Chance has come to derail this wedding of beauty to the beast. Now if only he can keep his hands off the bride. From New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress world, it’s the wedding of the season…that everyone wants to miss. (Originally appeared in Weddings From Hell anthology)

Not having invested in the Weddings from Hell anthology I was pleased to see that this individual title appeared as an E book on the kindle, I am a sony owner but I didn't let that phase me and simply downloaded kindle for the PC which works GREAT on a netbook. It was only 99p think it sells for $1.99 for those in the USA. Is it worth 99p? ABSOLUTELY

For those of you wanting Bones and Cat, you won't get that, you will get a guest appearance by Bones but you do get an enjoyable short which widens the scope of and our knowledge of the peripheral characters in Bones and Cat's life.

In this we meet Chance, now head of his own line but sired by Bones and when requested he goes all out to help a former 'doner/lover/friend' of Bones, no not Isa but her Grandmother Greta. Chance is your typical charming vamp, gorgeous with a touch of arrogance and no qualms about running about naked. Isa is feisty but trapped into a situation where she can see no way out. Why? Because this situation is not of her making, she is a pawn being used and manipulated, why is she going along with it? To keep her family safe.

You need a quickie little fix of the Night Huntress World then this could be for you, the relationship between Chance and Isa is fun, sometimes funny and certainly full of passion. I recommend this quickie whole heartedly and give it 4 frillies out of 5.


Twimom227 said...

I haven't read this series, but hear great things. Maybe this would be a way to get a good taste of the world without too much of the main story. Thanks!

Minx said...

It is a great series and the new book is out soon, if you want to taste it without jumping straight in, try First Drop of Crimson, it is a full novel about 2 supporting characters, I have reviewed it on here and I loved it.

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