Monday, 2 July 2012

Miss Shame Speaks: Power Play Reviewed (Adult Content)

Hi everyone and welcome to the first (and hopefully not the last) guest post by my good friend Miss Shame. She has kindly reviewed Power Play by Eliza Gayle... so over to you Shame.

By Eliza Gayle
She wants the escape. He wants control. They both need love.
Jennifer Croft is at the peak of her career. As a bondage model at Altered Ego, she’s become the crème de la crème of the fetish world, ensuring herself a top spot in her profession. The world is her oyster. Her personal life on the other hand… It’s not pretty. Only her fascination with pain play keeps the ghosts of her past at bay.
After tragedy sends Daegan McKenna to the South for a much needed change of pace, the last thing he expects to find is a closet submissive hiding in plain sight. She’s hot-tempered and in denial — a heady combination that brings out the dominant looking for a challenge. He’s already loved and lost more than one man should, but the haunted look in her eyes prompts him to make her an offer. He’ll indulge her darkest fantasies, if she’ll agree to give up control. Then he’ll let her go.
Unfortunately, the past never stays in the past and old insecurities cause complications neither of them wanted. Now temporary is not enough.
I found this book to be a great read. It was fast paced and the characters were very engaging.

This was my first foray into the world of BDSM and I found it to be quite fascinating. The book centers around Jennifer, a bondage model who has taken care of herself since an early age and is extremely independent and closed off emotionally. This attitude is what has helped her to climb to the top in her modeling career. Then she meets Deagan, the dark sexy Dom who feels drawn to her like no other woman before. he sees in her a woman who needs a guiding hand in order to find the happiness she secretly desires. And he wants to be the one to give it to her.

 One night after a show Jennifer and Deagan find themselves thrown together and by the end of the night she finally agrees to become his submissive, yet her fears have her fighting him at every turn. Even when she admits, even if only to herself, that being with him she finally feels the freedom to be happy. Unfortunatley, they both have secrets that neither is willing to share right away and this creates more problems for the new relationship. When secrets are revealed it pushes them both to their limits and forces them to decide what it is they both want from the other.

 I really enjoyed this book. It showed me a quick picture of the inner working of a world I only knew basic information about. While I don't see myself running out to become someone's submissive (I'm far too strong willed in my opinion) I can see how and why these relationships do work for some. I look forward to reading, and learning, more from Ms. Gayle in the future.

I give Power Play by Eliza Gayle 4 out of 5 stars 

Miss Shame


Minx said...

Great review Shamers! Thanks so much for doing a guest spot!! You are welcome back any time you like!

Vicky said...

Great review, think I've just added another book to my never ending pile :)

Sparklybearsy said...

Great review! Will have to read this one. I love D/s stories.

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